Delta Awards

The main drive of the association’s activities has been the Delta Awards, given biennially in recognition to industrial designers and companies. Since the first edition in 1961, the Delta Awards have been an important channel for promotion and a valuable platform for public recognition for designers and companies in Spain.

The Delta Awards aim to celebrate excellence in design and emphasize its importance as a prime tool for creating wealth in an industrial economy, as well as highlighting its role as an expression of our culture. Industrial design is the process that shapes the multitude of anonymous objects we live with every day and makes them possible. Behind every one of them are professionals who has worked responsibly, keeping in mind the user, manufacturing processes, applied creativity and competitiveness, and also companies that have invested in design as a strategic value.

The ADI Awards ceremony will take place as part of Barcelona Design Week, an event that emphasises Barcelona’s energy and richness in the field of design. All the selected products will be shown to the public from the pages of the catalogue and can be visited in the exhibition “The best design of the year”, an exhibition that brings together the selection and winners of the prizes awarded by the FAD associations in the different disciplines of design.