ADI Medals

ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association linked to FAD, is inviting young, newly-qualified design graduates to submit their final Degree, Master’s or postgraduate degree projects for the ADI Medals 2022, part of the ADI Awards 2022.

Created in 1976, parallel to the ADI-FAD Delta Awards, which date to 1961, the ADI Medals were created to build bridges between the academic and the industrial worlds. These awards have a great history in our country’s design scene, and foster the talent of younger generations.

There have been 28 editions of the ADI Medals Awards during the last 46 years, with alternating periods of annual and biannual competitions, always with the objective of recognising and promoting innovative products, emphasising the creative process and research; formal, functional and aesthetic resolution; environmental suitability, social impact and suitable application of technologies and materials.