Rules for ADI Culture


Since 2016, ADI-FAD has been organising the ADI Culture awards, the purpose of which is to give public recognition of projects that contribute to the development of social and cultural design, and which encourage dialogue, ideas, initiatives, exhibitions and publications in the sector.


The ADI Culture awards encompass different types of projects, including, but not limited to, the following:

Projects whose results manifest in a non-objective theoretical framework, which generate critical impact and/or dissemination in the field of design. These might be, for example: publications, exhibitions, series and congresses, physical spaces (galleries, shops) or virtual (web pages, blogs, apps), educational programs, films, and other concepts that have yet to be explored.

Highly conceptual, innovative projects, which may be experimental or interdisciplinary processes, installations, unique pieces or numbered series, objects that do not fit into the usual commercial circuits or which recover or open new avenues in product design.

The awards welcome candidatures with a broad national scope, carried out by individuals or groups. The following may participate:

→ Projects carried out in Spain.

→ Projects carried out abroad, whose primary participant is Spanish.

→ Projects funded with Spanish capital.

Projects that have been selected in previous editions of the ADI Culture Awards are excluded.

Projects can be registered online at by filling in a form.

Mechanics of the competition

The competition has a single phase:

All projects registered will be judged by a jury made up of national and international design, communication and teaching professionals. The jury selects a maximum of twelve projects from among all those registered and awards the prizes in two main categories:

The Project category for projects that have been registered up to 3 years before the deadline for entries (10th of February 2020).

The Career category which recognises projects or people with a significant career in the field of design. One prize is awarded in this category at each edition
of the awards. The winner is selected by the jury from among candidates presented at their own initiative, or which have been suggested by the observers appointed by the Board of ADI-FAD.

The twelve projects selected are then featured in the ADI 2020 Awards Exhibition, and included in the ADI Book 2020, this book will also list the projects presented, although not selected, according to the jury’s criterion.

All selected projects are eligible for the Opinion ADI Culture Award, which is decided by an in-person vote of the FAD members participating in the prize-giving ceremony of the ADI Awards. There will only be one winner, chosen from among all the projects.


The Jury selects twelve projects from all the candidates, and then choose the best project from this short list.

ADI Culture Selection

Those selected will be rewarded with:

→ A diploma, certifying selection for ADI Culture 2020.
→ The official ADI Culture Selection 2020 mark.
→ Inclusion in the ADI Book 2020.
→ 1 ADI Book 2020.

→ On-line presence on the ADI Awards 2020 website.
→ Presence in the ADI 2020Awards exhibition.
→ 2 invitations to the ADI 2020 Awards ceremony.
→ Promotional support in the FAD media and Barcelona Design Week.
→ Dissemination in national and international specialised media.

ADI Culture Project/ Career/ Opinion Award

The winner will also obtain:
→ A trophy.
→ An ADI Culture 2020 diploma.
→ The official ADI Culture 2020 mark.
→ A winner’s sign at the exhibition.
→ An invitation to explain the project at one the ADI-FAD’s regular activities.
→ Promotional support of the ADI Awards.
→ Mention in a special press release, announcing the winners to hundreds of professionals, associations, magazines, editorials and blogs the world of design.

Jury and procedure

The Projects submitted to the ADI CULTURE Awards 2020 will be judged in a single phase and at an in-person meeting of the July, that will take place on 18 March 2018.

During the jury’s deliberations, in the event of a tie, the President of the Jury holds the casting vote.

The assessment criteria will be:

→ Relevance of the research that justifies the proposal.
→ The innovative nature of the proposal from a conceptual, strategic, social and economic standpoint.
→ Efficient communication of the project.
→ Relevance and suitability of the project with respect to its value in the context.

The Jury shall deliver its justified decision (not subject to appeal) and will award the Medals in public at the ADI awards ceremony on 16 June 2020. The Jury may not declare the competition void, but reserves the right to change the conditions for awarding the prizes.


Registration is through an online form at, from 23/12/2019 to 10/02/2020 extended until 25/02/2020, and is free of charge. All products entered for the ADI Culture must provide the following documentation:
→ Credits
→ A written report of the project (maximum 10.000 characters)
→ Images/link to a video that assist with understanding the project

Legal information


→ FAD will insure the project or products participating in the exhibition, from their delivery to the date agreed upon for their return. The organisation will not be responsible for those items that are not collected on the agreed date. FAD, as the exhibition insurance holder, is responsible
for the possible damages and their compensations, as far as they are included in the parameters stipulated by their insurance. Neither FAD nor ADI-FAD is responsible for any damage or incidence that selected pieces presented to the exhibition might suffer during the transportation to
and from FAD.
→ Once the exhibition is over, date and place of the collection of items will
be communicated to those selected. In case the material is not collected within the agreed upon period of time, ADI-FAD will dispose of it in the way it considers adequate.

2020 ADI Culture prize rights

→ The winning project will be entitled to use the 2020 ADI Culture homologated trademark. The usage of the brand will be under the ADI-FAD’s graphic norm and it will be possible to incorporate it to products, leaflets or usual promotions of the companies or entities that have collaborated in the project.
→ The selected projects subscribed to the second phase will be entitled to use the registered and homologated trademark by ADI-FAD, the “2020 ADI Culture selection” trademark, in which the condition of the 2020 selected projects will appear.


→ ADI-FAD reserves the right of organising diverse dissemination activities, as well as an itinerant exhibition with the finalist and
winning products. For this reason,
the companies will have to provide, if possible, the finalist or winning product when required by ADI-FAD.

Legal conditions

→ ADI-FAD is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by participants.
→ Participation in these Awards implies the total acceptation of the rules, the interpretation of which corresponds to the ADI-FAD Board.
→ The 2020 ADI Culture Awards call will be announced by means of these rules and through their dissemination in the media.
→ The submitted material and projects belong to their authors, thus being inalienable property. The presented project cannot break the intellectual property rights of any third party, in any way. Onus, in case of infringement of third party rights will be on the participant.
→ Participants must declare the names of any third party who may have intellectual, moral or otherwise property rights, in everything related to the registration. Participants must be able to demonstrate, on request, that any right of a third party has been transferred, licensed in favour of the participant(s), or it has been resigned properly, for all intents and purposes.
→ Participating in the contest, participants agree to submit to these Official Rules and the Terms and Conditions which are final and binding in all respects, being specified that the Jury is not obliged to explain the reasons of their decisions. In case the Jury decides that any of the selected or the winner
has become ineligible, they will choose a new winner (or new selected) to their own will. No correspondence will be kept in relation to this respect.
→ Registrations may be shown to ADI-FAD’s will, which reserves the right of not showing those works that it considers inadequate.
→ Participants accept to take part in any photograph, interview, film / video and similar promotional activity related to this contest, as may be reasonably requested by ADI-FAD, without any additional payment. Especially, the use of the participant’s name, his/
her biography and image, photos and
/ or videos / movies of ADI-FAD and related agencies marketing materials will be duly authorized.
→ No liability in relation to any postdeadline, lost, corrupted, illegible or incomplete registration will be accepted in this contest. All registration incurred in any of these cases will be rejected according to ADI-FAD’s absolute discretion. Not recorded delivery certificate of the registration will be accepted as proof of delivery.
→ If any participant (including national and international winners) fails to comply with any of these Official Rules or Terms and Conditions, he/she will immediately be disqualified, returning the award received in relation to this contest, to ADI-FAD.
→ The participant releases ADI-FAD and any of its partners, directors
and employees from any liability for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind related to the participation in the contest or resulting from acceptance, possession or use / wrong use of
any prize.
→ ADI-FAD reserves the right to reproduce, in publications and magazines, any projects submitted and it undertakes to inform of the identity of its author at all times.
→ ADI-FAD is not responsible for claims of plagiarism, damage or theft that may occur to the products for reasons not related to the organization.
→ ADI-FAD reserves the right to change any aspect of the rules or the format of delivery of the projects.
→ ADI Culture Award will be governed by Spanish law and will be construed accordingly.
→ Any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this contest, the prize or these Official Rules, will be subject to exclusive Spanish jurisdiction.
Any query regarding the contest will be assisted from 10 to 14 hours at:

ADI-FAD / Disseny Hub Barcelona Building
Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38 · Floor -1,
08018 Barcelona
Phone: (34) 932 566 771 | Mail:

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