ADI Awards

The ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association linked to FAD, Fostering Arts and Design, is a private, independent and non-profit Organization headquartered in Barcelona. It is a referent for industrial design in Europe thanks to its constant efforts in the promotion of creative culture through exhibitions, professional lectures, awards and events.

Founded in 1960, it is a pioneer institution and the association with the longest trajectory and greater prestige in Spain in the discipline of industrial design. It was created with the intention of disseminating and promoting industrial design as a tool for social progress, the building block of a material culture that responds to the challenges of contemporary society.

The ADI-FAD channels its work by promoting design in professional, cultural, business and institutional areas, giving visibility to products, companies and designers through activities that encourage a better understanding of the role of design in society. In keeping with this line of action, the ADI-FAD organizes the prestigious Delta Awards for Industrial Design, the ADI Medals for final year design students and the ADI Culture Awards for awarding the design culture.