/ Jury extract _ Highly sophisticated product without a high-tech appearance and usability. Highlighted by its excellent mechanism and innovative way to fold it, the helmet is designed for a growing specific target: people who rent or make sporadic use of the bike.


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The main drive of the association’s activities has been the Delta Awards, given biennially in recognition to industrial designers and companies. Since the first edition in 1961, the Delta Awards have been an important channel for promotion and a valuable platform for public recognition for designers and companies in Spain.

The Delta Awards aim to celebrate excellence in design and emphasize its importance as a prime tool for creating wealth in an industrial economy, as well as highlighting its role as an expression of our culture. Industrial design is the process that shapes the multitude of anonymous objects we live with every day and makes them possible. Behind every one of them are professionals who has worked responsibly, keeping in mind the user, manufacturing processes, applied creativity and competitiveness, and also companies that have invested in design as a strategic value.

Since 2011, the Delta Awards and ADI Medals have been hold during the FADfest, which highlights the energy and wealth of Barcelona in the field of design. The finalist objects are shown to the public on the pages of the catalogue and can be viewed at the “FADexpo”.


Submission 1st phase: 24/11/2015 to 11/02/2016

            > Early bird: 1st week (24 to 30/11/2015)

Submission 2nd phase: 08 to 14/03/2016

Opening exhibition: 6 June 2016

Awards Ceremony: 9 June 2016

FADfest: 6 to 12 June 2016



ADI-FAD, Industrial Design Association of the Promotion of Arts and Design call national and international companies and designers to participate in the Delta Awards.

This competition’s first edition was held in 1961; along these years it has recognised and promoted a variety of objects that stand out by their innovating nature, their conceptual renovation and design, by the social response they have generated and by their environmental adaptation, as well as their production quality.



Products designed and produced by designers and companies from around the world are suitable as participants to the 2016 competition, provided that such products are available in the Spanish market, both virtual and physically, by the competition closing (2016-02-11) and that have not been presented in previous calls to the Delta Awards.

Delta Awards is open to all of objects, including self-productions. Designers and companies can be presented by own initiative or by invitation of scouts collaborating with ADI-FAD.



The presented products will be valued in two phases:

In the first phase, all products presented will be evaluated by the ADI-FAD Board, which will determine which of them pass to the next phase and obtain the Delta Finalist stamp.

In the second phase, the finalist products will compete for the Golden Delta and up to a maximum of 10 for the Silver Delta, given by the international Jury.

An Opinion Award will be also given by means of the exhibition visitors’ vote.



Among all those products presented, the ADI-FAD Directive Board will do a first selection of those products that, according to the entity’s established criteria, deserve to be finalist to the prize. The number will vary depending on the quantity and, above all, the quality of the works presented.


Finalist Pack:

– 2 Finalist Delta diplomas

– Finalist Delta official stamp

– Presence in the 2016 ADI Awards catalogue

– Presence in the online catalogue at the website

– Presence in the 2016 ADI Awards exhibition

– Invitation to the 2016 ADI Awards ceremony

– ADI-FAD and FADfest Promotional support in national and international specialised media



All finalists are eligible for this award, which is given by means of the vote of all the exhibition visitors. There will only be one award in this category.

Opinion Award pack:

– Finalist pack

– 2 trophies Opinion Award

– 2 Opinion Award diplomas

– Official stamp Opinion Award

– Distinctive element in the exhibition

– ADI-FAD and FADfest promotional support in national and international specialised media



The jury will be in charge of choosing up to 10 Silver Deltas among all finalists.

Silver Delta pack:

– Finalist pack

– 2 Silver Delta trophies

– 2 Silver Delta diplomas

– Official Silver Delta stamp

– Distinctive element in the exhibitio

– Right to participate in the Permanent Collection of Industrial Design of the Museum of Design of Barcelona

– ADI-FAD and FADfest promotional support in national and international specialised media

– Presence in the special press release of the winners



It is the maximum prize given by the Jury of the Delta Awards. A unique award among all the selection of products presented to the Delta.

Golden Delta pack:

– Finalist pack

– 2 Golden Delta trophies

– 2 Golden Delta diplomas

– Official Golden Delta stamp

– Distinctive element in the exhibition

– Right to participate in the Permanent Collection of Industrial Design of the Museum of Design of Barcelona

– Presentation in a “Making of…” organised by ADI-FAD during the year following the award

– ADI-FAD and FADfest promotional support in national and international specialised media.

– Presence in the special winners Press Release

– Completely free participation in the next edition of the Delta Awards (this does not imply the direct access to the second phase, the product will be judged in equal conditions in the first phase of the Award)


The Jury of the Delta Awards is independent and international. It is composed of experts in diverse fields linked to industrial design that will physically examine the products in the exhibition of the Delta Finalists, following the criteria of evaluation proposed by ADI-FAD and the members of the jury to determine the winners.

In case that any of the members of the Jury were related to any of the presented products, he / she should abstain from voting. During the deliberations, in case of a draw, the president of the Jury holds the quality vote. The Jury will submit its justified and unappealable verdict and will hand over the prizes in a public ceremony.

On this edition, the jury members are Jasper Morrison, Jeannette Altherr, Alexander von Vegesack, Xavier Costa and Gracia Cardona.

Jasper Morrison


Gracia Cardona

Presidenta de ADI-FAD

Xavier Costa

CEO of Lékué

Alexander von Vegesack

Director Domaine de Boisbuchet

Jeannette Altherr

industrial designer


Submit closed

First phase: 2015-11-24 to 2016-02-11

The first registration fee is €125 (VAT included) per each product presented.

ADI-FAD members first product registration fee is free

Early Birds (2015-11-24 to 2015-11-30) fee is €99

Registration is made online at

All those registrations that do not provide all documentation following the parameters indicated below will be disqualified.

Participants must fill out all the form fields, where they will be required to state:

Designer/company information

– Designer, studio or design company details. If the product has been developed by the internal team of the company or studio, the name of the studio or the “Design Department” must be specified. If the product results to be the winner, the company or studio will be able to provide the names of the integrants of the department to be appointed.

– Production company details

Product information

– Name of the product

– A brief description in Catalan, Spanish or English (maximum 700 characters) —it can be changed depending on the catalogue—. This description will be shown in the catalogue and, therefore, must be simple and not contain technical, business or advertising details.

– Product commercialisation date

– Price of the product in euro

– Between two and five representative pictures of the product:

          > Picture formats: Low resolution JPG, GIF or PNG.

Optionally, the following documents can be attached, considering that the jury can turn down a product due to the lack of information.  Therefore, it is recommended to include:

– Video explaining the product (a file or link to YouTube / Vimeo)

– Product memoir, with the technical and sustainability information (up to 3,500 characters). The document can include pictures, plans and certificates.

          >Formats: Low resolution PDF, MS-Word (or Zip).

– Commercial catalogue and pricing list where the current price of the product (PVP) appears.

          >Formats: PDF/Zip (low resolution) or a link to the online shop.

The total price for the products presented will be paid by bank transfer to the account ES83-0081-0217-17-0001132824.

Digital proof of payment should be sent to including the name of the product and company.

ADI-FAD Board will meet and determine the participant products suitable to be Delta Finalist and to have the option to compete for the Silver and Golden Delta. The decision will be announced to finalists by email.


Second phase: From the 10th to 31st of March 2016 

Those responsible for the finalist products will have to make a second payment of €650 (VAT included) for each selected product to obtain a Delta Finalist certificate which gives access to the next phase.

Only those products with the certification will participate in the exhibition and will be included in the 2016 ADI Awards catalogue.

To complete the second registration phase, an email must be sent to

– Second phase proof of payment

– A detailed description of the product proposed for exhibition (measurements, colours, value…)

– Between 5 and 10 pictures in tiff format, 300 dpi, compatible with Mac. All of them with footnote and copyright included (in case the right belongs to the company or the designer, it will have to be indicated)

Jury will physically assess the products in the exhibition of Delta Finalists. Therefore, these have to be presented physically as they are marked. In case their measurements do not allow them to be shown, the producing company will provide the necessary graphic or audiovisual information for the Jury to be able to evaluate it, and it will indicate the product physical placement for an eventual verification in person. In case of further information on any of the finalist products, the Jury will be able to contact the company during the deliberation to resolve doubts or to ask for some explanatory information about the product.

Place, delivery and collecting date of the admitted products to be part of the exhibition will be communicated by email in advance.

Transportation costs to or from FAD, or storage, will be paid by the participant. During transportation of each product, all auxiliary costs, including packaging, transportation and insurance, as well as the costs of other materials for the project presentation will be the participant’s responsibility.

All comments and questions about organisation, interpretation of the rules, publication of the catalogue and the process of selection must be made in writing, addressed to the attention of the ADI-FAD president under the subject “2016 Delta Awards” and sent by email to, or regular mail to:

ADI-FAD / Disseny Hub Barcelona Building

2016 DELTA Awards

C/Badajoz 175-177 Floor-1

08018 Barcelona – Spain




– FAD will insure the products from their delivery to the date agreed upon their return. The organisation will not be responsible for those items that are not collected on the agreed upon date. FAD, as the exhibition insurance holder, is responsible for the possible damages and their compensations, as far as they are included in the parameters stipulated by their insurance. Neither FAD nor ADI-FAD is responsible for any damage or incidence that finalist pieces presented to the exhibition might suffer during the transportation to and from FAD.

– Once the exhibition is over, the date and place of the collection of works will be communicated to the Finalists. In case the material is not collected within the agreed upon period of time, ADI-FAD will dispose of it in the way it considers adequate.


2016 Delta Awards rights

– All the products awarded in the 2016 Delta Awards acquire the right of being integrated to the Barcelona Design Museum, as part of its Industrial Design Permanent Collection dealt by this center.

– Awarded products will be entitled to use the homologated brand 2016 ADI-FAD Delta which can be incorporated to the products, leaflets and usual promotional company campaigns.

– The finalist products registered to the second phase will be entitled to use the trademark which is registered and homologated by ADI-FAD, the “2016 Delta Finalist” trademark, in which the condition of 2016 Finalist product will appear.



– ADI-FAD reserves the right of organising diverse dissemination activities, as well as an itinerant exhibition with the finalist and winning products. For this reason, the companies will have to provide, if possible, the finalist or winning product when required by ADI-FAD.


Legal conditions

– ADI-FAD is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by participants.

– Participation in these Awards implies the total acceptance of the rules, the interpretation of which corresponds to the ADI-FAD Board.

– The 2016 Delta Awards call will be announced by means of these rules and through their dissemination in the media.

– The submitted material and products belong to their authors, this being inalienable property. The presented design cannot break the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of any third party, in any way. Onus, in case of infringement of third party rights will be the responsibility of the participant.

– Participants must declare the names of any third party who may have intellectual, moral or otherwise property rights in everything related to the registration, its design or development. Participants must be able to demonstrate, on request, that any right of a third party has been transferred, licensed in favour of the participant(s), or it has been resigned properly, for all intents and purposes.

– Participating in the contest, participants recognize to submit to these Official Rules and the Terms and Conditions which are final and binding in all respects, being specified that the Jury is not obliged to explain the reasons of their decisions. In case the Jury decides that any of the Finalists or the winner has become ineligible, it will choose a new winner (or new Finalists) to its own will. No correspondence will be kept in relation to this respect.

– Registrations may be shown to ADI-FAD’s will, which reserves the right of not showing those works that it considers inadequate.

– Participants accept to take part in any photograph, interview, film / video and similar promotional activity related to this contest, as may be reasonably requested by ADI-FAD, without any additional payment. Especially, the use of the participant’s name, his/her biography and image, photos and / or videos / movies of ADI-FAD and related agencies marketing materials will be duly authorized.

– No liability in relation to any post-deadline, lost, corrupted, illegible or incomplete registration will be accepted in this contest. All registration incurred in any of these cases will be rejected according to ADI-FAD’s absolute discretion. The certificate of delivery of the registration will not be accepted as proof of submission.

– If any participant (including national and international winners) fails to comply with any of these Official Rules or Terms and Conditions, he/she will immediately be disqualified, returning the award received in relation to this contest to ADI-FAD.

– The participant releases ADI-FAD and any of its partners, directors and employees from any liability for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind related to the participation in the contest or resulting from acceptance, possession or use / wrong use of any prize.

– ADI-FAD reserves the right to reproduce, in publications and magazines, any product submitted and it undertakes to always inform of the identity of its author and its manufacturer.

– ADI-FAD is not responsible for claims of plagiarism, damage or theft that may occur to the products for reasons not related to the organization.

– ADI-FAD reserves the right to change any aspect of the rules or the format of delivery of the projects.

– Delta Prize will be governed by Spanish law and will be construed accordingly.

– Any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this contest, the prize or these Official Rules, will be subject to exclusive Spanish jurisdiction.


Any query regarding the contest will be accepted from 10 to 14 hours at:


ADI-FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building)

Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38

Floor -1 08018 Barcelona

Teléfono: (34) 932 566 770 / (34) 932 566 771



Since its inception, the design of the Delta Awards trophy has changed in each edition. A designer partner of the organisation or a regular contributor is requested to make his/her interpretation of the prize and the awards logo, which is usually represented in some way in the object.

Some examples of recent years are: Ernest Perera, Joan Gaspar, Nahtrang or Jordi Canudas.

This year, the design has been requested to Tomás Alonso.


What kinds of products can be presented?

Products for the person: dressing, leisure and sport articles, personal hygiene, mobile and electronic technology, games and accessories for kids, devices to help the elderly, food products, packaging.

Products for habitat: furniture and home accessories, lighting objects, sanitary and bathroom accessories, electrical appliance for the kitchen, television and audiovisual displays, domotics and security systems, computers and domestic work environments.

Products for work: office equipment, machines and tools for industry, electronic and communication devices for work environments, technical, medical and scientific instruments.

Products for out-doors: urban elements of public usage, out-door lighting elements, public space conditioning systems, installations and construction elements.

Products for mobility: collective transportation, cars, motorbikes, bikes, vessels, airplanes, systems and devices for transportation of people and goods.


What are the criteria considered to evaluate the products?

– Adaptability: products must fit the needs of people in all their social and cultural heterogeneity.

– Responsibility: products must guarantee security in their usage and must be beneficial to people, with minimal environmental impact.

– Consistency: products must have a proper use of technology, colour, materials and all the components of the manufacturing and distribution process.

– Image: products must have high communicational value in order to facilitate the interpretation of their functions and to favour the emotional satisfaction of the user.

– Innovation: products must notably implement or improve objects, services, processes, technological or organisational ways related to the product design. This innovation can affect aspects like productivity, dissemination in the market, social or environmental impact, accessibility or usage values.

– Effort or personal implication of the designer or the company to achieve any of the criteria mentioned above or others that may be considered relevant by the jury.


Which payment systems can I use?

The payment of each of the phases can be made by bank transfer to the account of the Association of Industrial Design ADI-FAD: ES83-0081-0217-17-0001132824. The product name and the registration number are compulsory to be specified in the concept.


Is there any discount?

We offer the following discounts:

– ADI-FAD member: first phase of first presented product free.

– Early Birds: all those registered on the first week of the call will pay €99 instead of €125

– Discounts cannot be cumulative.


Who is part of ADI-FAD’s Board?

This information is available to the general public at the ADI-FAD’s blog.


When is the Jury meeting?

The jury will meet once the exhibition is set up, in order to physically evaluate the works.


How does the Jury function?

The jury receives the information provided when the registration is made and it studies this information for some weeks. Finally, once the exhibition is set up, the Jury organises a meeting in which all members expose their opinions and every single finalist object is debated about. On the same day, a decision about the winning products is made.


 When is the Finalist Stamp sent?

Finalist stamp will be given only to those registered to the second phase. The stamp will be issued once the second phase registration is closed.


When will the winner stamp be sent?

Winners stamp will be issued the week following the awards ceremony.


Who will have a trophy?

Winners of the Golden Delta, Silver Delta and the Opinion Award will receive a trophy that will be awarded during the ceremony.


How many diplomas and trophies by product are given?

Per each winning product, two diplomas and two trophies will be given during the ceremony. In case someone is interested in a duplicate, an application may be made at the ADI-FAD offices, by regular mail or by phone. Each duplicate has a cost, which the secretary office coordinators will inform you about.


How many catalogues am I entitled to as a winner?

Every winner product is entitled to 4 catalogues (2 for the company and 2 for the designer). In case you need more copies, you will have to buy them.


Can I have a catalogue if I am a member?

All members are entitled to a free copy, which they can collect at ADI-FAD headquarters, with a previous appointment.


When will I know if I am a finalist?

The week after the ADI-FAD’s meeting, all participants will be informed if they became finalists.


When will I know if I have won?

The results will not be available, under any circumstance, until the awards ceremony.


How many people can attend the ceremony?

The space has a limited capacity. That is why only two or three people per finalist product can attend. In case there are any available seats, invitations will be offered to the ADI-FAD members. It is compulsory to confirm attendance to the secretary office by email and to receive a confirmation. Otherwise, it will not be possible to access the auditorium.


Which is the procedure if I want to attend the ceremony?

To attend the ceremony an email must be sent to the secretary, which details the finalist product and the name of the attendants (up to 3 per product between the company and the designer).


What is the price to attend the ceremony?

Access to the ceremony is free for the finalists of Delta Awards. Even so, it is compulsory to follow the procedure.


What happens if I have won and cannot attend the ceremony?

In case you cannot attend, we will send you the correspondent trophies, certificates and catalogues from the ADI-FAD headquarters


Does the product have to be sent physically?

In case of being a Finalist, a sample of the product must be sent, which will have to be agreed upon with ADI-FAD’s team and the designers of the exhibition, in order to find the most suitable piece for the collective exhibition.


How long does the exhibition last?

The exhibition lasts approximately 3 months. During this time, products cannot be removed.


How are the objects going to be shown at the exhibition?

FADexpo has a vocation of an exhibition, not of a fair. That is why the products will be shown in a homogeneous way in the exhibition installation designed by a team chosen by FAD, with labels containing the information about the product and the credits. No other element may be brought if it is not necessary for the product understanding.


Could I come to install my product in the exhibition?

It is preferable, to guarantee the appropriate fitting and placing of the piece. ADI’s team and designers in charge of the exhibition must be previously informed.


Could the object be accompanied with other elements or devices?

No. This is an exhibition, not a fair. Only objects indispensable to the understanding of the finalist product will be accepted. All those extraordinary elements accepted to be incorporated will be borne by the participant.


Could the product be sent by courier?

Yes, provided that the package can be clearly identified with the registration number, the product and the company names. On the inside, some clear instructions of the product installation must be included.


What address must the material be sent to?

All products must be sent to:

Association of Industrial Design ADI-FAD (Disseny Hub Barcelona Building)

Badajoz, 175-177

08018 Barcelona

The products sent must be able to be identified without opening the packaging, that is why the name of the product and the registration number must be specified in the packaging.


Who is paying for the transportation of the piece?

The cost of the transportation of the piece will be borne by the participant, for both delivery and collection.


Will the piece be returned?

The pieces shall be collected at the exhibition space on the dismantling day. In case of not being able to attend personally, the pieces may be sent by courier. Costs will be borne by the participant. Neither FAD nor ADI-FAD will accept claims for the possible damage caused during the piece transportation. All those pieces not collected on the date agreed will remain at ADI-FAD’s disposal.


Can the packaging material be left in the building’s storehouse until the collection of the products?

We have no storehouse, so the company will have to take the packaging at the end of the installation and bring it back again for the collection.


In case the piece cannot be shown due to measurement, weight or similar issues, how will it be shown at the exhibition? Who will be in charge of the expenses?

In the exceptional cases in which the product cannot be exhibited, the participant will provide all the necessary graphic and / or audiovisual information for the Jury to be able to evaluate it properly, and he / she also will indicate the physical location of the product in question, for an eventual verification in person.


When must the products be handed over and collected?

From ADI, we will contact all the finalists to communicate the dates. The products shall not be handed over nor collected out of these dates, as the entity does not dispose of a storehouse.