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ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association linked to FAD, is inviting young, newly-qualified design graduates to submit their final Degree, Master’s or postgraduate degree projects for the ADI Medals 2018, part of the ADI 2018 Awards.

Created in 1976, parallel to the ADI-FAD Delta Awards, which date to 1961, the ADI Medals were created to build bridges between the academic and the industrial worlds. These awards have a great history in our country’s design scene, and foster the talent of younger generations.

There have been 26 editions of the Delta Awards during the last 42 years, with alternating periods of annual and biannual competitions, always with the objective of recognising and promoting innovative products, emphasising the creative process and research; formal, functional and aesthetic resolution; environmental suitability, social impact and suitable application of technologies and materials.


Submission 1st phase: 09/01/2018 to 28/02/2018

Awards Ceremony: 14 June 2018



All young designers whose Final Project has been approved between 2016 and the end of the current call, at any school providing higher education in industrial design, product or related disciplines, are invited to compete for the ADI Medals 2018.

Spanish and foreign students who have taken a course at a Spanish school, and Spanish students doing their final projects abroad are eligible to enter for the awards.

Projects entered for earlier editions of the ADI Medals or have been marketed before the prize-giving ceremony of the ADI Medals are excluded from the awards.



Registration is free of charge, at candidates’ own initiative or by recommendation of the observers appointed by the Board of ADI FAD.

The competition has a single phase:

All projects registered from 20 December 2017 to 28 February 2018 will be judged by a jury made up of national and international design, communication and teaching professionals. The Jury will select a maximum of ten projects from among all the entries and will award a Gold, a Silver and Bronze Medal to the three projects of its choice. This year, the ten projects selected may be entered for the Opinion Medal Prize.

The ten projects selected will be featured in the ADI 2018 Awards Exhibition, and included in the ADI Awards Book 2018.



– The 10 Selected Projects will be shown in the Barcelona Design Week exhibition and the prototypes or mock-ups will remain in it until its end.

– FAD will insure the prototypes and mock-ups from their delivery to the date agreed upon of their return. The organisation will not be responsible for those items that are not collected on the agreed upon date. FAD, as the exhibition insurance holder, is responsible for the possible damages and their compensations, as far as they are included in the parameters stipulated by their insurance. Neither FAD nor ADI-FAD is responsible for any damage that the pieces exhibited could suffer during the Barcelona Design Week show, beyond what is already strictly stipulated and approved by the insurance. They are neither responsible for any damage or incidence that Selected pieces presented to the exhibition might suffer during the transportation to and from FAD.

– Once the exhibition is over, the date and place of the collection of works will be communicated to the selected by mail. In case the material is not collected within the agreed upon period of time, ADI-FAD will dispose of it in the way it considers adequate.

– Transportation costs to or from FAD or to or from the fitted out storehouse will be borne by the participant. During the transportation of each project, all the extraordinary expenses, including packaging, transportation and insurance, all registrations and the cost of other materials to the project presentation, will be borne by the participant.

– The Projects submitted will remain at ADI-FAD’s disposal in order for the entity to carry out the promotion and dissemination of the awarded and Finalists.


2018 ADI Medal award rights

– The winning projects will be entitled to use the ADI-FAD Medals homologated trademark in their Golden, Silver, Bronze and Opinion versions, respectively. The usage of the brand will be under the ADI-FAD’s graphic norm.

– The Selected Projects will dispose of the registered and homologated trademark by ADI-FAD “2018 ADI Medals Selection”.



– ADI-FAD reserves the right to organise diverse dissemination activities, as well as an itinerant exhibition with the selected and winning Products. For this reason, the designers must provide, if possible, the selected or winning material when required by ADI-FAD for these kinds of events.


Legal conditions

– ADI-FAD is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by participants.

– Participation in these Awards implies the total acceptation of the rules, the interpretation of which corresponds to the ADI-FAD Board.

– The 2018 ADI Medals call will be announced by means of these rules and through their dissemination in the media.

– The submitted material and products belong to their authors, this being inalienable property. The presented design cannot break the intellectual and /or industrial property rights of any third party, in any way. On us, in case of infringement of third party rights, will be on the participant.

– Participants must declare the names of any third party who may have intellectual, moral or otherwise property rights, in everything related to the registration, its design or development. Participants must be able to demonstrate, on request, that any right of a third party has been transferred, licensed in favour of the participant(s), or has been resigned properly, for all intents and purposes.

– Participating in the contest, participants recognize to submit to these Official Rules and the Terms and Conditions which are final and binding in all respects, being specified that the Jury is not obliged to explain the reasons of their decisions. In case the Jury decides that any of the selected or the winner has become ineligible, it will choose a new winner (or new selecteds) to its own will.

– Registrations may be shown to ADI-FAD’s will, which reserves the right to not show those works that it considers inadequate.

– Participants accept to take part in any photograph, interview, film / video and similar promotional activity related to this contest, as may be reasonably requested by ADI-FAD, without any additional payment.

– Especially, the use of the participant’s name, his/her biography and image, photos and / or videos / movies of ADI-FAD and related agencies marketing materials will be duly authorized.

– No liability in relation to any post-deadline, lost, corrupted, illegible or incomplete registration will be accepted in this contest. All registration incurred in any of these cases will be turned down according to ADI-FAD’s absolute discretion. Not recorded delivery certificate of the registration will be accepted as proof of delivery.

– If any participant (including national and international winners) fails to comply with any of these Official Rules or Terms and Conditions, he/ she will immediately be disqualified, returning the award received in relation to this contest to ADI-FAD.

– The participant releases ADI-FAD and any of its partners, directors and employees from any liability for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind related to the participation in the contest or resulting from acceptance, possession or use / wrong use of any Award.

– ADI-FAD reserves the right to reproduce, in publications and magazines, any product submitted and it undertakes to always inform of the identity of its author and its manufacturer.

– ADI-FAD is not responsible for claims of plagiarism, damage or theft that may occur to the products for reasons not related to the organization.

– ADI-FAD reserves the right to change any aspect of the rules or the format of delivery of the Projects.

– ADI Medals will be governed by Spanish law and will be construed accordingly. Any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this contest, the Award or these Official Rules, will be subject to exclusive Spanish jurisdiction.


Any query regarding the contest will be accepted from 10 to 14 hours at:


Disseny Hub Barcelona Builging Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38 Floor -1, 08018. Barcelona

P: (34) 932 566 771



Medal Selection:
The Jury selects the ten best projects from all those presented, which are entered for the ADI 2018 Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.
The ADI 2018 Medals Selection, includes:
– 2 ADI 2018 Medals Selection diplomas.
– The official ADI 2018 Medals Selection mark.
– Inclusion in the ADI Awards Book 2018.
– On-line presence on the ADI Awards 2018 website.
– Presence in the ADI 2018 Awards exhibition.
– Invitation to the ADI 2018 Awards ceremony.
– Promotional support in the FAD media and Barcelona Design Week.
– Free registration with ADI-FAD, for one year, as a Talented Student Member.


Opinion Medal Award:
This is decided by an in-person vote by the members of the FAD and students registered for the ADI Medals during the ADI Awards ceremony. Only one prize will be awarded to the ten projects of the ADI Medals Selection.
This is decided by an in-person vote by the members of the FAD and students registered for the ADI Medals during the ADI Awards ceremony. Only one prize will be awarded to the ten projects of the ADI Medals Selection.
The ADI Opinion Medal includes:
– 2 ADI Opinion Medal 2018 diplomas.
– The official ADI Opinion Medal 2018 mark.
– Distinctive feature in the exhibition.
– Mention in the special winners’ Press Release.


ADI Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal
The jury of the ADI Medals 2018 will recognise the three best projects with three medals: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
The Gold Medal includes:
– 1 ADI Gold Medal designed by the winner of the last edition.
– 2 ADI Gold Medal 2018 diplomas.
– The official ADI Gold Medal 2018 mark.
– Distinctive feature in the exhibition.
– Mention in the special winners’ Press Release.
– Paid commission to design the medals for the next edition.
– Registration in an international workshop.
– Free registration with ADI-FAD, for one year, as a Talented Student Member.


The Silver Medal includes:
– 1 ADI Silver Medal designed by the winner of the last edition.
– 2 ADI Silver Medal 2018 diplomas.
– The official ADI Silver Medal 2018 mark.
– Distinctive feature in the exhibition.
– Mention in the special winners’ Press Release.
– One year’s registration with ADI FAD


The Bronze Medal includes:
– 1 ADI Bronze Medal designed by the winner of the last edition.
– 2 ADI Bronze Medal 2018 diplomas.
– The official ADI Bronze Medal 2018 mark.
– Distinctive feature in the exhibition.
– Mention in the special winners’ Press Release.
– Free registration with ADI-FAD, for one year, as a Talented Student Member.




From 20/12/2017 to 28/02/2018


On-line registration is free. Please visit Entries failing to submit all mandatory documentary support as defined below shall be disqualified.

The registration period starts on 20 December 2017 and ends on 28 February 2018. After this deadline, no entries will be accepted for the competition. This date is subject to changes at the discretion of ADI-FAD.

The following documents must be completed:

– Enrolment: A copy of the enrolment in the last course or documentary evidence (in case of projects by several students, only one enrolment is required). Formats: PDF, MS-Word (or Zip).

– Images: Between 3 and 5 images of the project. Formats: JPG, GIF or PNG (300dpi).

– Report: A short report of the project that includes a descriptive title with 140 characters, in Catalan, or Spanish and English (mandatory) (one page no larger than DIN-A4). Formats: PDF, MS-Word (or Zip).

– Presentation: A DIN A2 panel explaining the project through images and text (must include at least two languages, Spanish or Catalan and English). Participants from Catalonia must also include Catalan. In a vertical format, according to the layout specified by ADI, which can be downloaded HERE. Formats: JPG, GIF or PNG format (Low resolution. max 600kb). The panels must be delivered physically, printed and mounted on foam board (3mm) to: ADI-FAD, Edifici Disseny Hub BarcelonaBadajoz, 175-177, Planta -1. 08018 Barcelona Mark the envelope: ADI Medals 2018.

– Video: Link to a video explaining the project (Optional).


Documents required for exhibiting the ten selected projects are:

For the exhibition, the designers of the selected projects will be contacted via e-mail and must attend a meeting at the ADI-FAD offices (if you live abroad, you can arrange a meeting by Skype) in the Disseny Hub building in Barcelona, with the following material:

– Model or prototype to full-scale (specify the scale when not E: 1/1)

– A CD or pen drive compatible with PC and Mac, with:

– DIN-A1 Panel: explanation of the printed project and mounted on foam board. Formats: PDF, TIFF (300dpi resolution)
– Synopsis of the project, with a maximum of 4 pages in A4 format.
– Between 5 and 10 images in TIFF format (300 dpi resolution), measuring approximately 21 x 29 cm.
– A text document with a brief explanation of each image, by way of a caption.


Optionally, you may also submit annexes or dossiers about the project, which should be sent by postal mail to:

ADI-FAD / Edifici Disseny Hub Barcelona Badajoz, 175-177 Planta -1. 08018 Barcelona or delivered in person to the ADI-FAD offices (by appointment only):

Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38, Planta -1, 08018. Barcelona
Tel: (34) 932 566 771