The seleccion communication is delayed until 28th March. Communication will be effected by email and post.

Registration period extended 1 week, until 24-1-11.

1. Aim

The Association of Industrial Design ADI-FAD calls for companies and designers from Spain and other countries to take part in the Delta Awards with products that are distributed in the Spanish market. The purpose of this competition is to encourage public recognition of those products which stand out because of their innovative character, for their conceptual originality, the response among the public and their environmental impact, as well as their design and manufacturing quality.

With the aim of stimulating greater participation, there are two phases for the evaluation of competing products in this 34th edition. In the first phase, all the competing products will be analysed by a committee of experts who will select the products to progress to the second phase and in doing so merit the category “Delta Selection”.

In the second phase, after a new inscription, the products selected by the committee of experts will be included in the Delta Awards 2011 exhibition and the catalogue of the same. These products will have the right to compete for the Gold Delta, the Silver Deltas and the Merit Awards which will be chosen by the international jury of the Delta Awards 2011.

2. Entry requirements

The Delta Awards have been open to international participation since 2007. The aspiration to reflect the current situation of the market has meant that the 2011 Delta Awards are open to products designed and produced by companies and designers within Spain or abroad, as long as these products are widely distributed in the Spanish market. Designers and companies may enter for the awards themselves or at the invitation of ADI-FAD.

Participation is limited to products which have been available in the Spanish market from 2007 until April 2011, and which have not been entered for previous editions of the Delta Awards

3. Product Categories

To ensure that all types of product can enter and to establish order among the themes, the competition will be organised in five categories:

• Personal Products: clothing, leisure and sports equipment, personal hygiene, personal telephone and electronics, games and children’s items, helpful devices for the elderly, food-related items.

• Home Products: furniture and accessories for the home, lighting elements, sanitary and bathroom equipment, kitchen appliances, television and audiovisual devices, home automation and security, computers and home working environments

• Workplace Products: Office equipment, industrial machinery and tools, electronics and communication devices for the workplace, technical, medical and scientific instruments.

• Exterior Products: urban elements and for public use, exterior lighting apparatus, conditioning systems for public spaces, installation and construction elements.

• Mobility Products: collective transport systems, cars, motorbikes, boats, planes, systems and devices for transporting people and goods.

4. Evaluation criteria

The products presented for the Delta Awards 2011 will be examined under the following criteria both by the committee of experts and the jury:

• Adaptability: products which respond to people’s needs despite their social and cultural differences.

• Responsibility: Products that are guaranteed to be safe to use and beneficial while having minimal environmental impact.

• Coherence: products which display an appropriate use of technology, colour, materials and all components in the process of manufacture and distribution.

• Image: products which communicate strongly, giving an clear interpretation of function and encouraging the emotional satisfaction of the user.

• Innovation: New use or notable improvement of objects, services, processes, technologies or forms of organization related with product design. This innovation may include aspects such as productivity, availability in the market, social or environmental impact, accessibility or the values promoted.

5. Committee of Experts

As mentioned in point 1 of the conditions, a selection committee is appointed for the first phase of the process to decide which products are to be selected to compete for the Silver Delta and the Gold Delta. This committee will be made up of experts from different fields which are all closely involved with contemporary industrial design. The committee’s decision will be transmitted to the chosen participants via a message sent by e-mail.

The members of the committee of experts are:

Maria Baxauli
Art historian and Promotion Director at BCD

Beppe Benenti
Industrial designer and expert in workplace ergonomics

Pepa Bueno
Journalist and expert in the history of Spanish design

Marc Morro
Industrial designer and member of Otrascosas de Villarrosás and Surtido

Montse Periel
Architect and expert in design for urban environments
and construction material

Raffaella Perrone
Architect and expert in design culture and theory

José Alfonso Rodríguez Luengo
Industrial designer and expert in design
for the automotive industry

Joan Rieradevall
Designer and environmental expert

Carme Rubio
Designer and expert in color and materials

David Ruiz
Industrial designer and expert in packaging
and stock management

6. Registration for the first phase

The registration can only be carried out via Internet, at

Registration will generate a number (product inscription number) which must be mentioned in all documents related with the product.

All documentation must be sent by Internet and will consist of the following:
• Digital receipt for payment of the registration fees.
• Technical/descriptive documentation
• Web address where the product can be consulted
• At least two images as representation of the product

The following formats will be accepted:
Texts: PDF, MS-Word (or Zip)
Images: JPG, GIF or PNG format, not above 600Kb.

The registration fee is €125 (no VAT for non Spanish companies and 18% VAT for Spanish company) for each product entered, €100 (no VAT for non Spanish companies and 18% VAT for Spanish company) for ADI members.

The total cost of the products presented can by paid by credit card or by bank transfer. The entry fees for each product must be paid by bank transfer or payment into account number ES83-0081-0217-17-0001132824.

Dates for presentation are from 01-10-10 to 15-01-11.

7. Registration for the second phase

The participants whose products have been chosen by the selection committee to continue in the competition, feature in the exhibition and catalogue, and to receive the promotional support of the Delta Awards 2011 have to make a second payment.

The registration fee for the “Delta Selection” is 650 € (no VAT for non Spanish companies and 18% VAT for Spanish company), €600 (no VAT for non Spanish companies and 18% VAT for Spanish company) for ADI members.

8. Presentation of the Products

The participants who have been advised that their products have been selected by the Expert Committee can present them again once they have paid the registration fee for the second phase. The second phase for registration is from 21st March to the 15th April 2011.

The products must be physically presented in the manner in which they are marketed. If the product is too big, the production company must provide all of the graphical and/or audiovisual information enabling the Jury to correctly assess such product or products and state their physical location for possible direct verification.

The product must be accompanied by:
• An on-line entry sheet printed out for each product.
• Proof of payment of the registration fees for the second phase.
• Technical information (maximum 3,500 characters)
• A description of the environmental improvement or innovation applied in the process of manufacture, edition and marketing of the product. (maximum 3,500 characters).
• A description of how the product contributes towards accessibility (design for everyone). (maximum 3,500 characters).
• Commercial catalogue and current Recommended Retail Price for the product in Spain.
• 5 to 8 images in TIF format, 300 dpi resolution on a CD, with a printed colour copy of the CD’s contents.
• Explanatory notes with reference to each image presented (in WORD format)

Place and delivery date of the selected products which are part of the Delta Awards 2011 exhibition will be advised with notice.

All transport costs will be at the participants’ expense. All additional costs, such as packaging and insurance, or costs for materials required for the presentation of the product will be at the participants’ expense.

9. Collecting products

At the end of the exhibition, the time and place where the selected goods can be collected will be sent by mail. If the material is not collected within the stipulated period, ADI-FAD may dispose of it in the form it deems appropriate.

10. Jury

The Jury for the ADI-FAD Delta Awards 2011 consists of:

Gjis Bakker
Jeweler, industrial designer and founder of Droog Design

Deyan Sudjic
Director of London’s Design Museum

David Cutcliffe
Industrial designer

Petz Scholtus
Ecodesigner and cofounder of o2Spain

Carles Guerra
Director of La Virreina Centre de la Imatge

Jaume Serramalera
Industrial designer and founder of Vialis

Viviana Narotzky
Design historian and President of ADI-FAD

In the event of a tie, the chairman of the Jury will have the casting vote.

Should any member of the jury be in any way connected with one of the products presented, he or she will abstain from voting.

Any comment and/or question about the organisation, interpretation of the conditions of entry, publication of the catalogue and the selection process must be sent in writing to the Chairman of the Jury, Delta Awards by e-mail to or by or ordinary post to ADI-FAD, Pl. dels Àngels, 5-6, 08001 Barcelona.

11. Nomination of products and awarding of the Delta Prizes 2011

All the projects selected by the committee of experts will be awarded the distinction of the “Delta Selection” certificate. Designers and companies with products competing in the Delta selection 2011 will receive a diploma to confirm this selection.

Only products with the Delta Selection certificate 2011 will be included in the exhibition and published in the Delta Awards 2011 Catalogue.

In the second phase, the jury will issue a declaration in which the products among those selected to receive a Delta Award will be named.

The jury will award one Gold Delta among all the products selected, with as many Silver Deltas as they feel appropriate and a Design for All Delta. The Jury may decide not to award a prize in categories in which there are not enough entries. There will also be a Public Opinion Delta which will be decided by the audience at the awards ceremony.

The Jury's decision will be final and the reasons for the decision will be stated. The awards will be presented at a public ceremony which will be held on the 7th of July 2011 in the FAD building, Pl. dels Àngels, 5-6 Barcelona

The audience at the ceremony can cast their votes for the “Public Opinion Prize” from among the products in the exhibition.

12. Exhibition and Delta Awards 2011 Catalogue

The products will be on show in the FAD Exhibition Hall, Pl. dels Àngels in July and August 2011.

ADI FAD accepts responsibility for insuring the products from the time they are delivered to the date of return. ADI-FAD accepts no liability for any damage that the items entered may be caused during transport to and from the FAD or in the event of theft.

On the opening day of the exhibition, the catalogue for the current edition will be presented, featuring the selected products.

All of the winning products in the ADI-FAD Delta Awards 2011 will be entitled to be included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts, MADB-DHUB.

A press conference will be held to present the winning products on the 7th July 2011.

13. Rights of the Delta Awards 2011

The products nominated, which broadly represent the diversity and quality of current design and industry, may display the authorised ADI-FAD trademark Selection 2011 to show that they were shortlisted for the award.

The winning products may display the gold or silver versions of the Delta ADI-FAD 2011 authorised trademark. Use of the trademarks is subject to ADI-FAD's graphical rules and they may be displayed on the products and in the companies' usual printed material or promotions.

14. Promotion

ADI-FAD reserves the right to organize an itinerant exhibition with the products selected from the first phase and the winning design.

15. Legal conditions

ADI-FAD accepts no responsibility for the truthfulness of the information provided by the entrants.

These conditions are subject to interpretation by the Board of ADI-FAD.

Competing for these awards implies full acceptance of these conditions.

The 2011 edition of the ADI-FAD Delta Awards is announced by means of these conditions of entry and through announcements in the media.

The conditions concerning the confidential handling of user data can be viewed on the website

All material and products entered belong to their creators, as property which cannot be waived. The design which is presented must not infringe the rights of intellectual or industrial property of any third party. The participant is responsible for the infringement of the rights of any third party.

Participants must declare the names of any third party who may hold intellectual property rights, moral rights or rights of any other kind in part of the product, whether in the inscription, final stages or the process, design or development. Participants must be able to declare, when requested, that any rights belonging to of a third party has either been transferred to the participant, or that said rights have been legally relinquished, to all possible relevant effects.

By entering the competition, the participants acknowledge being bound by the conditions of entry, the terms and conditions of which are final and binding in every aspect, with special emphasis on the absence of obligation upon the jury to explain the motives behind their decisions. Should the jury decide that any of the finalists, or the winner, has become ineligible, the jury will, at their sole discretion, select an alternative winner (or winners) No correspondence on this matter will be maintained.

ADI-FAD reserves the right to refrain from showing works which are not considered adequate, although the registered entries can be shown, at ADI-FAD’s discretion.

The participants will agree to take part in any related promotional photography, interviews, films/videos and similar promotional activities which may reasonably requested by ADI without extra cost. The use of the participant’s name, biography and image, and/or photographs and/or videos by ADI or related marketing agencies for marketing material is specifically authorised.

No responsibility will be accepted for any registration made outside the period specified, or the loss, corruption, illegibility or incompleteness of the same. Any registration which suffers from these defects will be rejected, entirely at ADI-FAD’s discretion. Proof of the sending of an inscription will not be accepted as proof of delivery.

Should any entrant (including the winners, Spanish or otherwise) not comply with any of these official terms and conditions, he or she will be disqualified and must immediately, on demand, return to ADI-FAD any award, including money, received in this competition.

The participants are barred from making any comment or perform in any act which might have a negative impact on the reputation of Delta or ADI (or any other participant or registered product) regardless of whether the participant has been disqualified or not.

The participant will not hold ADI-FAD, nor any of its partners, directors or employees at any level, responsible for any injury, loss or damage of any kind deriving from the participation in this competition, or resulting from the acceptance, possession and inappropriate use or abuse of any award.

ADI-FAD reserves the right to publish information about any of the products presented in journals and magazines, on the understanding that the identity of the creator and manufacturer will always be given.

ADI-FAD accepts no responsibility for claims of plagiarism, damage or theft which may affect the products for reasons beyond the organisation’s control.

Participation in the Delta Awards 2011 implies complete acceptance of these regulations, the interpretation of which is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of ADI-FAD. ADI-FAD reserves the right to change some aspects of these conditions or the format for the delivery of the products.

The regulations of the Delta Awards are under Spanish legislation and will be interpreted accordingly. Any compliant or question that arises from or in relation with this competition, the awards or these official rules are bound solely by the jurisdiction of Spain.

16. More information

For further information about this competition, please contact:

ADI FAD Secretariat
Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6
08001 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 934 437 520

Opening hours:
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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